Work in Progress, with Ashley Gélpcal Joseph

The doors were beautiful to begin with. Beautiful smooth wood.

But Ashley Gélpcal Joseph is turning them into a true portal – not just a literal opening, into a room, but one that you could pass through and be transformed by. The story he has conceived is a beautiful blessing for every person who goes into the new Ts’zil Learning Centre, with a willingness to learn.


Murphy Construction checked in with the Lil’wat Nation carver on Tuesday 10 July and shared these exquisite images, and something of the conversation that took place, on their instagram account (which we’ve been following since their takeover for The Wellness Almanac back in November 2017.)

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Learned a lot about life and positive thinking from carver Ashley Gélpcal Joseph today as he described the symbolisms and meanings behind the carving he has been doing on the future cedar doors for the Ts'zil Learning Centre. The woman side of the door, the left side, and will have half the canoe. The canoe will have people in it, but room for more to join. In Ashley's words, "The spacing of people is to let everyone know that there is potential space on this Journey for everyone. The path to knowledge. This story can be shared by all as they learn it by just entering the doors of Ts'zil Learning Centre. It can be passed through practice of Our Rich Oral Tradition." The woman will be carrying a basket of food to welcome people. Above the canoe the lady is wearing traditional regalia with pictographs of a traditional Lil'wat Istken and a black bear paw symbol. Deep within her is the sleeve of a salmon and above her chest is the symbol to show the path through the mountains. The male will be drumming the welcoming song. More on the male to come as he comes to life through the hands of Ashley. Thank you Ashley for your insight into your art and all your positive thinking. #tszillearningcenter #firstnationscarvings #carver #positivevibes #positiveenergybringspositiveresults

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Thank you for sharing, and for the permission to share them here.


Photos by Natalie Langmann.

Here is a peek at Gélpcal’s good work.


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