Serendipity & Robin’s Eggs

I recently discovered a robin building a nest on the beam under our deck.  We’ve come to call this area Robin Condos due to the prolific number of nests that get constructed there in a season.  It’s a perfect setting for a nest – out of the sun, wind & rain.  I’ve always thought that robins built their nests only in the spring to lay their eggs, etc.  I was curious as to why this robin was nest building in early July, so I researched it and discovered that a robin may build up to three nests in a season if they are brooding.  Who knew?  How could I not know that after all these years of closely observing them in my yard?  I’m like an excited grandparent each time this process unfolds in my immediate vicinity.  Last year’s batch of two fledglings met an early demise – I believe at the evil doings of an errant squirrel.  I found one dead in my garden; still too young to fly, and its sibling was hanging by its leg on the outside of the nest.  I grieved deeply for momma robin and wondered how she would reconcile her loss.

In the fall, I once came across a post on the Pemberton Buy & Sell site on Facebook where an acquaintance of mine was looking for birds’ nests to photograph for her business website.  I had just cleaned out, and disposed of, the old nests from Robin Condos, so I phoned my neighbour to see if she had any abandoned nests.  She’d had a robin build a nest on top of an outdoor light cage right beside her front door that had eventually abandoned her nest due to all the traffic passing by.  I went over to retrieve the nest which was perched above my head, as are most things, and discovered a perfect egg nestled deep into the dried grasses at the base.  Here’s the synchronicity – I had been meditating/praying that morning for some guidance in the matter of self-love and all I can tell you is that when I first looked into that nest, I felt the deepest sense of pure love you could imagine.  I felt transported into the simplicity of love and the wonder of life.  I felt something super spiritual, and I felt safe.  I saw myself in that egg and drank in the nurture of the nest.  I felt heard and answered – this is what love looks like.

Robin's nest

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