It’s Market Day! Get psyched with this behind-the-scenes from Four Beat Farm

In early June, just as Market season was kicking off, Naomi Martz of Four Beat Farm agreed to add ONE MORE task to her long long to-do list, and instagrammed for us for the week. Naomi is three seasons in to running a predominantly horse and human powered certified organic mixed vegetable farm, but, just to clarify, she’s not a “horse-farmer.” No horses are consumed as end products in her horse-friendly process. Using a horse-drawn cultivator, says Martz, takes a bit of patience and precision, “but it does a pretty nifty job, is quicker than hand weeding and quieter than a tractor.” And, from when she finishes her cup of tea and head out the door to getting the two of them haltered, brushed, harnessed, bridled, and hitched up to work it takes an average of 8 minutes.

Four Beat Farm also uses biodynamic practices – the goal of biodynamism could be summarized as honouring the soil. For Naomi, it means, “thinking about the mineral and nutrient levels needed to grow a good crop, but also paying attention to the life of the soil, the energy and happiness of people working the land, and trying to build systems that are regenerative and renewable.”

Regenerative organic agriculture has been called out as a path forward, with the potential to reverse climate change. So props to Naomi, for not only growing beautiful food that is available at the market today, but for also rolling up her sleeves to change the world.

Here’s a recap of her week.

For more, follow Naomi at fourbeatfarm. 

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