Calling all owls – John Tschopp is offering a free portrait service

On February 10, John Tschopp, our birding correspondent, crossed paths with an old friend.

This Short-eared Owl was soaking up the sun near Erickson Road, where SE Owls like to hunt mice. Is this bird on its way North already? Maybe it was pushed South by the big snow in central BC, too deep to find mice.

SEOW 028

Short-eared owl, Pemberton, February 10, 2018. Photo by John Tschopp

Three days later, a pygmy owl, having heard word that Mr Tschopp was offering a free portrait service to any bird that needed it, so stopped by.

PYOW 012

PYOW 014

Pygmy Owl. Pemberton, BC. February 13 2018. Photo by John Tschopp