Boomerang Bags Sewing Circle does 74 bags in one night! Join the momentum on Feb 27 at the Community Centre

74 bags down, next Boomerang Bag circle Feb 27 at the community centre

74 new cloth reusable loaner grocery bags were made by a crew of volunteers at the Community Centre on Tuesday 6 February.

That brings the total bags sewn and made available to the community to over 1500.

Next Boomerang Bags sewing circle takes place February 27, 6-9pm.

Please bring your borrowed bags back, so the volunteer sewers don’t lose their mojo.

Boomerang Bags are about reducing consumption of single use plastic bags in Pemberton. It’s an initiative fuelled by volunteer sewers who are sewing the community cloth bags (out of fabrics destined for the dump!) to use at the local shops and to RETURN when they are done with them so others can use them.

(Don’t forget this part, slackers! They’re meant to boomerang. And a boomerang that doesn’t come back is no good at all.)

If you have any material that you no longer have a need for, the Boomerang Baggers will take it off your hands. They accept banners, fabric end of rolls, linens, and curtains and clean t-shirts. To donate material or get involved, reach out via the Facebook page There are many jobs available, not just sewing!

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