Challenge invites you to stretch into a better version of yourself. Sam McKoy wraps his takeover by facing his own terror

Sam McKoy braves a river crossing

Many thanks to Sam McKoy, and our 70 instagrammers, who have taken on the invitation over the past year and a half, to share a week in their life, in the name of wellness and expanding our sense of community by seeing our neighbours’ lives unfold. This was Sam’s final post.


To capstone my week as a guest grammer I’ll talk about challenge. I’ll use this photo to highlight that because I was terrified of river crossings like these (we had more than 1!) This was on the Selkirk Traverse in the spring of 2016. We covered over 550 kilometers of high mountain over 30 something days. The snow was melting rapidly so we huslted and cut off nearly two weeks from our planned rations of food. The melting is pretty evident in the high waters of Mountain Creek (see photo)
This trip was one of many examples of big tours that I’ve done which have challenged me. I’ve had the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and accomplish something that is pretty cool in retrospect. What’s more it was an amazing time with a bunch of great people. Such exploration of self and overcoming physical and mental challenges kind of sets you up for other challenges in life. I probably understand my limitations better, or at the very least, know that my limitations can be overcome. What ever your challenges are in life, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and go beyond!
And on that note, I’m signing off! Thanks for following along! If you want follow along more with what I do, check out @ipsoot.journeys of @chilko.basecamps Cheers!

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