Festive family pajama story time, December 14

I’m a writer so wearing pajamas comes as second nature to me. And my kid insisted on wearing his pajamas most of his first three years, and given my proclivity to sharing his fashion choice, and my sense that your toddler years are a nice window in which you can get away with wearing whatever you want, I rolled with it.

Now he’s approaching school age, and more likely to wear play clothes than PJs… but that won’t stop us from pulling out the onesie for the library’s festive family pyjama story time on Thursday, December 14, at 6:15pm.

pj story time

If you’re lucky enough to have seasonally-themed PJs, this is your chance to break them out.

Put on your PJs, grab a bedtime buddy and join the library legends for festive stories & songs!

Cookies & milk provided.