I love the library. And it’s not just me.

In Austin, Texas, in early November, a new library opened. Austin Kleon, a writer and blogger I follow, attended, and wrote about the Mayor’s opening remarks,

Indeed, a library is your cathedral, a holy place for your imagination and for collaboration.

Ever since I first arrived in Pemberton, the library was a special place for me – a refuge, a place of welcome, a place I could connect with people – the staff! – even before I knew anyone, before I had any meaningful grasp on knowing myself.

I thought the fact that I didn’t need a library card to borrow a book, because the staff would say “oh it’s okay, I can just bring up your account” made me someone kind of VIP special. But, I discovered today that NOBODY takes their library card to the Pemberton library. The staff treat EVERYONE like VIPs. And instead of feeling less special, gypped of my status somehow, I feel like punching the air and shouting fuck yeah! this is our secret society. This is the club to be part of.

So, I was pretty stoked to read the comments pinned to the door, in response to a request for feedback on how the library is doing.

Indeed, dear Pemberton and District Library staff, I second that. You are doing great. Thank you for being our holy place and our home-y place, all at once.



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