Starting the day right: Marilyn Marinus reveals what happens when you wake up to bats in your house

When Marilyn shared some photos via Facebook of an odd little visitor in her house, that left her completely non-plussed, I asked her to write about it for us. A friend of mine had just found a dead bat on a cliff, while climbing, and I’d been in touch with some naturalist friends, who reached out to the province’s bat expert, to ask if it was a specimen he’d want to look at. As far as I know, the little critter is still in Jay’s deep freezer, awaiting further instructions. All in the name of science. It got me thinking about our role in this habitat, how we can share passion, nature sightings, information, to become wiser stewards, to be more observant and in tune. Marilyn, it turns out, has turned the idea of co-inhabiting habitat, into a next level experience entirely. Here’s her story:

We all have a procedure or routine of how we get ourselves up in the morning. Some of us just jump out of bed, ready to take on the world. For others, like myself, it doesn’t quite happen like that.

My husband gets himself out of bed, opens the curtains and heads to make his morning cup of jo. That is my cue to grab all the pillows and snuggle in with the sheet cocooned around me. I love my morning rise and shine treatment, staying curled up in bed. I enjoy watching and listening to the country surroundings outside my window. I love the time to think of my day ahead, what I need to focus on. Call it laziness or just appreciating the morning glory of silence – no televisions, no electronics, no distractions. It’s my morning meditation.

Unfortunately, one day this summer, my day did not quite start as expected. Yes, Drew got out of bed, made his coffee and went of to check twitter to make sure all was well in the world. I was quietly enjoying the bed to myself when suddenly, Drew comes into the bedroom and asks, “Do you want to get your camera and take a picture?”

I hesitantly ask, “Of what?” and Drew casually replies, “There is a bat hanging on the wall upstairs.”

Ever tried to unwrap yourself from a sheet that is cocooned around you? It’s not that easy when you would think the house was burning down around me. I was amazed by my ability to got myself out of that tangled mess and fly out of bed! In my head, I was  thinking, which camera should I use? What lens should I get? I should get Drew’s iPhone as well. It is amazing how my brain can react with no coffee at all! I quickly grabbed everything and headed upstairs to be view this beautiful bat just hanging off our wall.

Marilyn's bat visitor

I started taking photos and was getting frustrated with the lighting and my inexperience to get the perfect shot! The flash wanted to go on and all I could think about was I was going to wake the little guy up and then that would be a whole other issue. As I tried to get closer, I kept freaking myself out, visioning him slowly walking up and stretching and yawning. Now wouldn’t that have been an amazing photo!

Now how does one go about telling the little guy that this really isn’t acceptable. Hey, I’ll share my space anytime BUT do you have to hang inside my house? I finally decided to open a window so that when he did wake up, he would just sense the open window and fly out. Problem solved.


Fast forward to 4:30 pm and Drew has come home from work. He’s in the kitchen cleaning out his lunchbox and lo and behold, here comes the Bat and continues to fly around the kitchen and living room, before finally attaching himself to the living room wall.   Drew in his cool, calm demeanor, opens the kitchen door and sits down. His theory was that eventually the Bat would take his exit and leave. Which he eventually did.

As we now embrace fall I enjoy reflecting on that summer morning and my chance to witness such a special moment. I love taking photos and reminiscing over the year gone by. It keeps me grounded. I’m a true believer in taking that time just to slow down, play a bit. It’s amazing what adventure might be right around the corner.

Bats in the belfry photo by Marilyn Marinus

Words and photos by Marilyn Marinus.

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