Private and social media averse Pemberton couple agree to instagram takeover. This is what happened.

This is a guest post from Angela Bradbury, about her experience co-hosting the Wellness Almanac’s instagram takeover with her partner Matt Prescott.  I thought we’d get the scoop on soup, as the pair, who are the team behind Snowlike Catering, were both participating in the Stone Soup project. But we got so much more than that. I’m so grateful they pushed passed their resistance and a day of technical glitches that were my fault, and participated in this experiment. It was an amazing week. Thanks guys. Here’s their recap, in Angela’s words:

When Lisa first asked me if Matt and I would like to do the Wellness Almanac takeover, I was pretty hesitant to do it. I didn’t think that I did anything worthy of posting, I kinda thought I was too boring. I told Matt about it, and was secretly hoping he wouldn’t want to do it so I could tell Lisa no, but he was game, so that meant I was too.

I did the BC Rivers Day Meager Creek walk on the Sunday before I started my takeover. That night I felt like a kid waiting for morning to come so I could open a present, I was excited to post pictures and tell everyone how much fun I had and how awesome people are. There were some technical difficulties so I had to wait till Monday night and as I posted my pictures I was already thinking of my next post because I had a lot I wanted to share.

Matt and I had a full week, we both did the Stone Soup Project, Farmers Market, catering, Broga, Yoga, bike rides, workout classes, Pound classes, BMX, kids dance, being a mom and dad and fitting in some Netflix binge watching. For Matt and I this is a regular week.

Doing the same thing everyday; get up, drink coffee, wake up kids, think to myself or sometimes say out loud “why the heck can’t you kids just listen to what I say so we can have a smooth morning” go to the gym, go to the grocery store, cook, bake, do after school stuff, dinner, kids bedtime, chill time with Matt and bed. Matt and I make sure to do date night and I run, ride or play tennis with my sister, all things I love to do.

So why did I think I wouldn’t have anything to post? I’m not an ungrateful person, quite the opposite actually, everyday I say what I am grateful for. I was enjoying my days but I wasn’t really feeling them, with so much to do, I had turned into a robot, just doing the motions. Taking over the Wellness Almanac totally rebooted me!

I knew I wanted to highlight all the activities Pemberton has to offer and all the people who help make them happen. Having to document what I was doing made me slow down and pay attention. I honestly think even the colour of Pemberton changed for me, when I went for a run with my sister, everything seemed a little brighter.

When I go to the gym on the days I REALLY don’t want to go it doesn’t take long for my mood to change. My workout classes are usually with the same people so we are pretty comfortable around each other, sometimes at the gym the best ab workout I get is from laughing. I Love all the butt kicking fitness instructors and all the coaches who volunteer their time for our Pemberton youth.

My kids would like to do everything that is offered to them but I would have to home school them and get 3 more jobs because there is so much for them to choose from.

Matt is more of a biker than me, he always sends pictures of the awesome views you get on the Pemberton trails.

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Matt's View from top of Radio Tower. #pembertonrocks

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Seeing Pemberton with fresh eyes again has made me appreciate such a wondrous place.

I wanted to show our love of food too. Matt and I feel that nourishing our community is an important part of our work. We are very grateful that Pemberton has liked our food so much these past years. Continued support from Pemberton has allowed us to expand our business with the new addition of our food truck. I am excited to see familiar faces enjoy what we work so hard to make.

Was I taking what I have for granted or was I just in a funk? Not sure, but the timing could not have been any better for me to do this Intagram takeover. I was a little sad to see when I had been logged out of the Instagram page, but now I look forward to seeing what other people have to share. I have rediscovered my love for Pemberton, it’s people, my family, my friends and myself. Thank you Lisa for the opportunity to share my experience.

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