There’s a Chef Battle underway over the soup pots of Pemberton. Tomorrow, you be the judge over who prevails at the $10 Stone Soup Celebration at the Farmers Market

After they cooked up my taco dinner last Friday from their newly acquired food truck, at the Pemberton Farmers Market, I asked Snowline Catering’s Angela Bradbury and Matt Prescott if they would be our guestagram team this week.

Mostly, because, they are two of the chefs who have agreed to cook soups with amazing donated foodstuffs, and I thought a little domestic sparring might be fun to watch.

They’re not on social media and are pretty private people, but they agreed to give it a go, and even persevered through a day of technical difficulties during which Instagram kept insisting that they were suspicious logger-inners.

Once again, these guys have proved out my Instagram Experiment thesis – that if you get to know anyone in this community, just a little bit more, you’ll end up loving them a whole lot more.

Follow along at

and don’t miss this fundraiser geared at helping the Market becoming financially sustainable, after the funding support the Village of Pemberton and SLRD currently provides, ends.

The other chefs taking part include Jenna Dashney (who did the most unusual takeover for us, yet, posting on behalf of her chickens) and Stay Wild’s incredible duo Lisa Graham-Knight and Heather Baker, who we obviously are going to have to hit up next.



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