Crushing on bakers and chefs: Further confessions of a Farmers’ Market Manager

This is a guest post by Molli Reynolds, Manager of the Pemberton Farmers Market. It is part of a weekly series designed to get you inspired to check out the Pemberton Farmers Market, happening at the downtown Pemberton Community Barn every Friday, 3-6:30pm until mid October. Follow them on Facebook or on instagram at @pembyfarmersmarket for more eye-candy and inspiration.


by Molli Reynolds

Last week I shared my giddiness for the wonders of farming.

My confessions continue today as I share further evidence that “my heart is a farmers’ market”. I must begin today by sharing that I am equally mystified by the skills of bakers and chefs as I am with farming.

For you see, I am not fond of cooking really and I am only ever willingly enticed into the kitchen by the thought of cooking for people I love.

I have been known to employ that haphazard technique of looking up recipes, changing them on a whim, throwing the ingredients together in no particular order, tossing them into the oven. Then crossing my fingers. Sadly I lack the required amount of practice, technique and finesse to assure this method will result in anything edible.

I love the idea of cooking and baking. I have watched with awe and admiration as people, my sister and mother included, tasted, measured and adjusted their recipes with noteworthy results. More impressive are those remarkable individuals who combine studied techniques with an innate flare to effortlessly improvise delicious masterpieces. Such skill and experience that bakers and chefs acquire and practice regularly is something that my heart aspires to attain but that I seem not to have the patience or understanding to achieve.

As with farming, however, I believe there is more to it than that. I heard a Greek grandmother once say that her food only tasted so good because it contained ‘a little bit of grandmother’. In other words, it is the chef’s dedication and interest in the food they are preparing that elevates a dish to a new level of nourishment – a heart-and-soul nourishment.

And now, again, I get to express my gratitude for the farmers’ market where these chefs, bakers and food producers bring their goods to share with us directly.

We can shake their hands, witness their dedication, learn their stories and express our appreciation. We can let our minds be inspired by their skills and hard work and our hearts (and bellies) rejoice in their jams and chutneys, their breads and cookies, their samosas and tacos.

That’s a recipe for heart health if I ever heard one!

Next week: the Artisans.

Until then, I will rejoice that market day is near and I can gratefully enjoy other people’s cooking!

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