Dana Andrew captures the mood down at Lillooet Lake in today’s feature photo

Photo taken at Lillooet Lake by Dana Andrew

In June, Dana Andrew shared her perspective on the world, as our guestagrammer at instagram.com/thewellnessalmanac. Last week, she summed up the experience as a good reminder to herself to practice her art.

The week that I spent running the Instagram account was a turning point for me.  I was not doing my art and I was taking the minimal amount of photos for myself. I am happy to say that I am now back to taking as much photos as possible. It was definitely a special experience to get to share my photos on another Instagram.

I don’t know anything better, to help force one’s creative hand, than a deadline. So I gave Dana one, asking if she’d share a photo with us each month. I’m happy she’s agreed to join our Wellness Almanac photography team.

Today’s photo, taken at Lillooet Lake, makes me think of the way certain places stop time. Or let it run at a different pace entirely.

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