Camp with care. Gary Martin digs into the archives to remind adventurers how much is at stake.


Gary has shared eye-candy and landscape porn with us from the beginning of the Wellness Almanac, but this weekend, with news about various fires starting around the province, he dug into the archives, to pull out this reminder of what a casually dropped cigarette butt in a dry forest can do. Not all fires are human-started – and the Boulder Creek complex was lightning triggered – but many are. And they divert resources away from naturally-triggered fires. And they don’t have to be.

So love the place you’re enjoying enough to tend any campfires with care, and be sure to put them out.

As Gary says, “With everyone heading out camping, I hope people stay responsible with their actions and look after the province and country as we celebrate 150 years.”


NASA satellite imagery shows a thick and far-reaching pall of smoke from the Boulder Creek Wildfire Complex in the summer of 2015