Tonight is Earth Hour, but let’s face it, the earth needs a lot more than an hour from you

Tonight is Earth Hour. I think this is a groovy initiative. How cool, to inspire millions of people around the world to power down the lights, sit in the dark, and meditate on what a beautiful planet this is.

That said, I’ve never actually turned my lights off for Earth Hour (although admittedly, we’re often already in bed by 8:30, dreaming of tomorrow’s planetary adventures. And if by chance I actually have an hour of grown-up by-myself time, then darnit, I’m reading a book, not turning the lights off. I mean, a free hour is a commodity in my world worth more than ice-cream.)

Lights off. Women’s march. Writing letters. I’ve been wondering what it actually takes to manifest widespread radical change. And fast. Like how might we take-down-rapacious-capitalism (without violence, preferably) and re-institute more relational, indigenous-inspired ways of operating in the world.

I spoke with some ecosexuals for an article I wrote last year. The “sex” part of their movement was a bit distracting, but the essence of what they’re calling for is for humans to rethink their relationship with the earth. To come at the planet, less as demanding children, always asking, never giving, and more as partners, or lovers, investing in each other.

Give and take is good.

It was an interesting reframe. But part of me feels as though it misses the point – misses an aspect of mystery or sacredness or reverence.

Curse these slow-forming thoughts.

Maybe, as our mission for the Earth, instead of something transactional, (ie do less of this, do more of this), we need to do something relational.

Too much of what we are used to doing, if we answer a call of concern for the natural world, is to deprive ourselves, forego something, change behaviour, miss out, make a sacrifice.

What if the ecosexuals have it right?

The Earth is inviting you to enter into a relationship with the environment around you.

What do relationships take?

Time. Curiosity. Listening.

So, go listen.

Instead of an hour with the lights of (or as well as, I mean, it doesn’t hurt), what if we all made a vow to book an hour off, to go out and sit and be in nature, and just listen. What would happen?

What would happen if we did that once a week?

Would anything change?

Would we?


Thanks to Gary Martin for his amazing photo.

2 thoughts on “Tonight is Earth Hour, but let’s face it, the earth needs a lot more than an hour from you

  1. finafunk says:

    You’re so right Lisa, I was never very religious but now everyday I pray to earth and tell her how much She means to me, how very grateful I am to be able to live upon Her and spread this awareness to my kids.

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