The Birds Know

As the sun filtered through the blustery snowfall the other day, we pressed ourselves to get out of the house for a walk with the dog. “Winter has lasted too long,” we lamented, “It’s time for spring.”

Our wish was granted.

Over by Arn Canal, piileated woodpeckers drilled hole after hole in the cottonwoods and alders, feeding on insects and perhaps excavating nesting cavities.


A pair of wood ducks blustered up out of the rusty waters and flapped away to a more private spot on One Mile Creek.

vancouver spring break 2011 100

In the trees overhead, huge flocks of pine siskens chirruped comfortably as they bobbed up and down on the ends of branches, littering the snow below with seed husks.


Further up in the sky, five bald eagles wheeled lazily around and around.

fullsizeoutput_9ad7 (1)

A flash of rosy pink against green turned out to be a flock of finches, gathering colour as nesting season approaches.


Though we may feel like winter will last forever, the birds say otherwise.

(All photos taken by Gary Sobchak)


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