Janet Ouchterlony’s week in charge of instagram.com/thewellnessalmanac went a little like this

“Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own”.

-Paulo Coelho The Alchemist

When Lisa invited me to take over the @wellnessalmanac Instagram page for the week, I quickly responded with an “I’d be happy to.”  I enjoy taking photos and sharing them on social media, so why the heck not?  I had been appreciating the efforts others were sharing with their weekly takeovers, and the prospect of sharing my perspective was exciting. Plus, I love a good challenge.

It wasn’t until after I said “yes”, that the reservations began to creep in.
Truth is, my photos, words, and day to day goings-ons aren’t really all that exciting to me much of the time.
I enjoy posting them for my kids and myself as a digital photo album of sorts, because in my opinion, it beats the heck out of scrapbooking.  Plus by doing so, I also fill my creative desire on fairly consistent basis, which keeps me sane.
I enjoy my life, love taking photos and will happily string letters together, but could I be trusted to hold an audience’s attention for an entire week, when on some days I barely leave my house?
Well we’ll see about that.
Most of the time my social media posts consist of a photo I quickly snapped with my phone as I’m moving through life, and which after the fact I generally add a few words and fire it off into cyber space.
7 days felt like I was being given a lot more time to cultivate what I would share.
I’m not sure I liked the idea but thought it would be a good opportunity to put a bit more thought and a few more words into some of the posts.
So what would I end up sharing?  A bit more of an in depth glimpse into my life and wellness as I see it.  Some days it’s the same, some days it’s different.  Some days involve routine, others involve the snow report.  Some days revolve around my kids, others around my dog.  Every once in a while they revolve around me, and it doesn’t even need to be my birthday or Mother’s Day.  On the occasional day, wellness = a caramel apple! On many days wellness involves hearts. However my days look, they all involve me.  It’s taken me some years, but I am getting more and more in tune with who I am and what it takes to for me to keep me well.  I don’t always make the best choices, but hey it’s all a part of me getting clearer on how I should lead my life.
Thank you for the experience and to all those who took the time to check out what I shared.  Much appreciated.
If you are thinking you might like to try your hand at sharing 7 days of wellness from your perspective, please feel free to reach out to Lisa for a takeover.
The more of us that share, the better.
Here’s to our collective wellness! 

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