Unmasking why self-care (and flossing) is so darn difficult

I sometimes think the height of wellness is flossing.

Maybe because I have such a vexed relationship with self-care.

And because flossing has been an annual resolution for me, every year, for like, the last twenty years. Which makes no sense. It should just be a habit, right? It shouldn’t require resolve, or goal-setting, or willpower.

But self-care requires a lot more than good habits, or resolve, it seems – self-care requires coming to a place where you understand, quietly, deeply, and fundamentally, that you are worthy of love and belonging, as Brene Brown says. And that you are worth tending – not with products and treats and fancy holidays and haircuts and cars (as the entire marketing industry works endlessly to spin it) – but with time and attention.

And awakening that belief of unquestionable worth, for some of us, and tending to it, until it becomes habit, and begins to flourish of its own accord, can take some effort.

Self-care is not a reward. It’s part of the process.

So, I have appreciated the gentle nudges, over the years, of some amazing dental hygienists, here, in Pemberton, who take their role as wellness whisperers quite seriously. In their chair, it never felt that they were just scraping away the plaque, but that they were re-affirming this sense that I have developed, that sometimes, it takes a community to remind you that you are worth it, it is okay to take the time to identify your own needs, and take steps to meet them.

And that’s why I’ve loved Natalie McNamara’s instagram takeover this week. Because I got a glimpse of the woman, skier, planker, mama, wife, friend, behind the mask.

And it’s why this project, The Wellness Almanac, and the community of contributors, readers, supporters, who have grown up around it over the last five years, are such a huge part of my own wellness journey. And for all that I have received from it, I hope that I’ve been able to keep that energy moving, and given some back, too.

To flossing, and beyond!



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