UPDATE: Winterfest is coming, Jan 20-22, and you might as well get a head-start with their Pop Up event on Saturday, January 14, 10am – 8pm at One Mile Lake



It’s the longest cold stretch and series of Arctic outflows I can recall.  It’s dark at 4:30pm. I haven’t been able to feel my toes in weeks. What to do?

Get outside. And celebrate.

Winterfest is the perfect opportunity. January 20-22, this annual celebration, now in it’s 12th year turns the cold into a heart-warming community gathering.

And to prove how incredible and agile events organiser, Carlee Cindric is, they’re seizing the weather window to have a “pop-up” Winterfest event, a pre-Winterfest fest, this Saturday, January 14, at One Mile Lake, from 10am – 8pm. 

Because the ice is perfect NOW. And so is the weather. Why leave your destiny in the hands of a weird forecast!


Watch the website the week of the 16th January, to find out the final location – it may centre around One Mile Lake if the skies are clear. The Downtown Barn is the back-up location. And follow them on Facebook.



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