In this moment, may you find joy. In this moment, may you find peace. In this moment, may you find a treasure in whatever is before you. Photo by Polek Rybczynski.


No pressure. I asked Polek to provide our Christmas Day feature photo. Challenging, he said.

And then it came to him.

What better image than the last secret compartment of an advent calendar to suggest the arrival of this super-charged day?

He shared:

This year, Rya introduced the candy-filled advent calendar to Tae.

Tae is two and three-quarters. So, you can imagine, that has been a big hit.

Every day, Tae would get so excited for his candy from the calendar. He would run on the spot with his little legs going at light speed saying to himself, “Candyyyyyy!”

On a more profound note, Polek shares:

I love the statement of The Last Candy. The wait is over, nearly. The build-up. Do you have the last candy in a flash, or do you savour the moment for a little longer?

Today is Christmas. There are no more secret doors or little pouches. There’s plenty of distraction though, so Polek imagines it won’t be until tomorrow that Tae wonders:

“Tato, where is the candy gone?”

I can hear my reply already. “It’s in your stomach, Tae.”

So, this is my Christmas wish for you. That  you find joy, in this moment. Peace, in this moment. A treasure in whatever is put before you.

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