Georgina Dan’s Christmas photo is just a tree, plain and simple and shining with hope.

Trees wrapped in lights are pretty much my favourite thing right now… The early dark is held back, somehow… or better still, embraced, by the glow and lightshow. I drive through Pemberton, through Mt Currie, out the other side, and the Village, friends, neighbours, have wrapped lights around lamp-posts, trees, along their eaves, and they feel like beacons. It feels as if everywhere I look there is a message for me – hey, it’s dark out, but there’s warmth over here, and here, and here.

Thanks to Georgina Dan for sharing this image as our Christmas Eve post – a for-real tree blinking messages to us. When you look hard enough, the signal shining is everywhere.


PS She teased me with two options for today’s post. It was too hard to choose, so you can check out the other one on our Facebook page. (And while you’re there, follow us – it’s another way to stay in the loop! #shamelessplug)

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