What Vicki Powell really thought about instagram

A guest post by Vicki Powell, about her week taking over instagram.com/thewellnessalmanac account:

When I was asked to be a guestagrammer for The Wellness Almanac I realised that whilst Lisa Richardson may have been fond of me, there were still a few degrees of separation between us.

She was unaware of my minimalist techno abilities – for instance I have owned my first cellphone for less than 2 months, and here she was expecting me to not just talk on it, but take photos with it (!?)  and then to share those photos with the world through Instagram.

New things – dog, technology and asking to have one's photo taken.

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Despite my obvious limitations, I accepted the challenge because I love the ideals of the Wellness Almanac – health, wellness, community, sharing.

I prepared mentally for my week with visions of all that contributes to my sense of wellbeing within the communities of Mt.Currie and Pemberton – nature, mountains, lakes, fresh air, sleep, baking, food, family, friends, dog, exercise, running, yoga, gym, reading, and sunlight. All of which are in abundance in my ‘hood….well, not always sunlight.


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A quick lesson in technology and I was away……NOT.

I have discovered that I live my life in review. My day-to-day is busy. I don’t stop to take and post pictures. I don’t stop to smell the roses. Consequently my Instagrams were posted at night, after reviewing my day, and often searching for something to photograph in the last minute, in the dark.


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Now I have discovered a new aspect to add to my wellness list and to add to my practice – to stop and be in the moment.


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I won’t necessarily take a photo of that moment but I will endeavour to stop, pause, breathe and admire.


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Thank you Wellness Almanac and Lisa Richardson for this gem.

(And yes, I once tried to read Eckhart Tolle – I didn’t get it.)