A Halloween Strawberry – a guest post from Hugh Naylor

So great to welcome Hugh Naylor to this space.

It’s Halloween and my friend in a Lions Villa unit hears a knock on the door. Outside it’s dark and rainy. He was on his way to bed and asks himself if he should answer. ( He has forgotten about Halloween and so unprepared for visitors).


He opens the door. A little girl is standing there in some sort of wet costume, her mother behind her and the father in the parking lot.

Trick or Treat?

Oh my god what to do? The only thing he can come up with is a rather sad looking tomato which he offers. The girl is not impressed. She shakes her head and turns to walk away slowly, looking as sad as the tomato.

Something has to be done: just in time, the recollection of a container of strawberries in the fridge. What about a strawberry? Her face lights up with the offer and she follows my friend through his elderly bachelor quarters, ( probably with some consternation on the parents’ part ). The girl chooses the biggest and best looking berry in the container and goes happily back to her mom and dad.

The family – all smiles now, trot off happily into the night.

This is how this simple true story was related by my friend.

He is at a juncture in his life when circumstances render him vulnerable to unhappy conclusions and he was sensitive to a similar vulnerability on the part of the family.

It was wonderful for me to share a story of trust and intimacy which was passed between these individuals through this story, which could have ended on an unhappy note had not his selfless empathy come to the fore.

~ Hugh Naylor

halloween 2016 by dave steers.png

Photo by Dave Steers








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