The toughest week of the year – Nic MacPhee casts back on her week as our guestagrammer


(I can attest that Nic did blush when I asked her to be our instagrammer this past week. Here’s her recap of the experience. It comes with a “mist” warning… ’cause it made me tear up. You can peek at all her posts at Thanks, Nic. (Now where’s that <heart> emoji?)

When asked if I would take over The Wellness Almanac Instagram account for a week my initial reaction was a physical one. I went bright red in the face and felt very shy. After a million thoughts centered on my inadequacy, I told myself to shut up and be bold. I started by asking myself, what is my wellness and how do I find joy in my life?

Take me to the forest. #myhappyplace #nicsweek

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Wellness… 6 years ago I started to notice a ringing in my ear. Then I started to not be able to hear people on the phone when the receiver was on my left ear. Then I started to get vertigo. Doctors said it was crystals in my ear. 2 years later I saw a specialist who ran me through a bunch of tests and said I had Ménière's disease. I am generally a very happy person but this shook me to my core. You see its an invisible illness that people just don't understand. I now only have 30% hearing in my left ear and the tinnitus never stops. I haven't had vertigo in over a year (knock on wood). So I want to make a shout out to all the folks that struggle day to day with Invisible illnesses. #nicsweek #invisibeillness #menieresdisease #thistooshallpass #youspinmerightround #hearingaid #alwayslookonthebrightsideoflife

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I realized how often I get stuck in what I call robot mode. I experience times where I am so caught up with soccer schedules, dinner, work, grocery shopping, laundry, driving, trying to memorize the fridge calendar, brainless tv series etc. I forget to take care of me.

It was a difficult week to post.

It was grey, dark rainy November weather. Trump got elected, community members got flooded, one of my favourite humans Leonard Cohen died AND it was Remembrance Day for crying out loud.

Love. #nicsweek

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Not the real light witty posts I was hoping to establish. But what I accomplished over the past week was a snapshot of my life.

It was nice to reflect and think about how darn lucky I am to live in this beautiful community. How blessed I am to raise a family here and find joy in the day to day experiences. It motivated me to explore our area doing what I love to do and it made me happy.

Nicole Louise MacPhee