This week, Nic MacPhee is our guestagrammer.

I don’t know Nic outside the library. But from those interactions, I love her. I love the way she reads stories to babies. I love the way she never scowled at my child as he abandoned the story circle and tried to climb the shelves instead. I love how genuinely engaging she is with him, when he goes to borrow books. And because of her (and all the other amazing library staff), my 3 1/2 year plays “librarian.”

I asked Nic to be our guestagrammer this week because I realise there’s an awful lot more to her than her day job, and I wanted to get a sense of it.

Sometimes, I think I fall into the trap of putting people in boxes, (“oh, she’s the mountain biker”, “she’s the barista”, “that’s my plumber”) forgetting how many dimensions there are to people, how rich and full and complex all our lives and identities are.

When she introduced herself as –

a mother/radical librarian/music lover/feminist/hippie/punk/introvert/dancer/reader/gardener/cook/extreme forest walker/glacial lake swimmer/photographer/art lover/glorious traveler and adventurer –

I liked her even more. And I continue to appreciate this amazing community of people we live in.

It also made me ponder – hmm, if I were given 16 words to describe myself, what would I use? (How cool to be an “extreme forest walker.”)

Follow along this week, as she takes the reins of our instagram account. (And drop me a note at if you’re keen to take your turn.)

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