Pemberton Arts and Culture Council’s launches a Fall Inspiring Artists Series, Oct 26

via the Pemberton Arts and Culture Council


Gernot Dick, visual artist and lecturer, and Dave Steers, photographer, offer three evenings of art presentations and workshops this fall, to hone your skills and inspire your work with a new perspective. All events are open to all levels of art enthusiasts.

Attend one or all of the series:

The first two events are free to join and hosted by Pemberton & District Public Library. The third is free for members / $10 public and requires registration. Register soon and tell your friends!

Evening Light in the Lagun Gernot Dick

Inspiring Artists: Surface-Form Relationship
Gernot Dick
7:00–8:30 p.m.
Pemberton & District Public Library

This slide presentation illustrates how surface energy can express a 3D form, but also can destroy the aesthetic quality of a form. The issue of “Surface-Form Relationship” relates to concerns in painting and sculpting and to endless situations in regard to objects we live with, in daily circumstances.

This presentation will heighten your visual awareness and can give you a new perspective in everyday life, not just for the artist, but also for any curious person, wanting to live more connected with the natural and man-made world around us.

More about this presentation>

Photo by Dave Steers

Inspiring Artists: Photography Today & Photographing Your Art
Dave Steers
7:00–8:30 p.m.
Pemberton & District Public Library

Learn about the status of photography in the age of digital technologies and social media, and view some of the many highlights of Dave Steers’ photographic life journey, which includes Search and Rescue stories from the Pemberton Valley.

After the presentation, stay for a workshop that will provide the skills you need to effectively photography your artwork. Instruction will focus on Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera techniques.

More about this presentation and workshop>

Summer Wind Gernot Dick

Inspiring Artists: Intuitive Mark-Making
Gernot Dick
7:00–9:00 p.m.
Walkerville (Mount Currie)
$10 / FREE for PACC members

Space is limited to 10 participants. All participants (member or guest) must register
Beginners welcome; bring a notebook

Most people, when asked, say “I can’t draw”. Even artists often say drawing is not their strength. This two-hour workshop offers the chance to discover your own unique, expressive, creative mark.
This “Intuitive Mark-Making” process can also be a strong tool for idea or motive development for painters and sculptors.

Register for this workshop at as space is limited. Location details will be provided upon registration.

More about this workshop and to register>

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