Mt Meager activity is under review

via the SLRD


Fumaroles on Job Glacier, Mt Meager, Aug 20 2016, by Dr Russell, courtesy NRCAN

Mount Meager, 60 kilometres northwest of Pemberton, is a volcano in the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt that last erupted explosively 2426 years ago. It is considered dormant.

In the summer of 2016, sulphur smells and sightings of volcanic openings, or fumaroles, in the vicinity of Mount Meager were reported.

Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN) and academic partners have been monitoring and investigating these signs of low-level volcanic activity.

The volcanic activity poses no threat to public safety and there is no current concern of an imminent volcanic event.  However, curious individuals with the skills for glacier travel or who fly in by helicopter to access the area would be putting themselves at risk, and we strongly advise people to stay safe and avoid the area.

As a precaution, increased monitoring of Mt Meager will continue, and if there is any change in the status of the activity that may affect public safety the SLRD will provide further updates.

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