Strolling through Pemberton

I was strolling through Pemberton on Tuesday. Doin’ my Tuesday thing, grocery shopping, banking, going to the bakery, physio… a usual Tuesday around town.

A habit I picked up in Halifax is that I look up when I’m walking around. I look up and look at people. This surprises people, but the overwhelming response is people smiling back.

I love looking up, it makes me realise that it’s not just me here, in this place, at this time. That there are others all around, leading lives and moving through shared space.

Acknowledging this sharing of space or sharing of community makes me feel lighter, more connected and definitely grounded. As I walked through Pemberton yesterday, through the space I share with the people of this area, I felt good. Reflecting upon this feeling today, I recognize that I carry the privilege of the culturally dominant, I move easily through town. I think it is important for us to recognize our neighbours, our local and global community members and thank them by looking people in the eye, a simple acknowledgement of their existence.

Thank you for sharing space with me, I see you and your worth.

Pembylife by Austin Ross

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