How to talk to your little kids about… sex.

Not sure how to address some of those “awkward talks” with your child?

Not sure how to talk about appropriate/inappropriate touches, private parts and strangers?

Don’t know what to say when they ask about the big “S” word?

Worried you might say too much or too little?

Growing Great Children presents BodyWise from the Beginning, on Wednesday July 20, from 7pm – 10pm, at the Sea to Sky Community Services building, at 1357 Aster Street.

This seminar will answer all those questions and many more!

It’s for parents and caregivers of children from 0 – 6 years of age.

Join an expert Child & Family Therapist to discuss topics such as: how you can help your children develop healthy body awareness; understanding “typical” child sexual/emotional development; healthy personal boundaries; basic concepts of personal body safety; appropriate versus inappropriate touches; NO-GO-TELL concept; stranger danger; assertiveness; empowerment; age appropriate resources and more.



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