Things of Stone and Wood

Some people look for interesting rocks and others are intrigued by odd shapes in wood.
I like them both.
Others do not always see what I find so fascinating in the gnarls, burls and striations that I inevitably drag home to a spot in my garden.
When I was teaching French, I would often open class with Twenty Questions, wherein the students would have to ask that many questions in order to find out what was hidden in “le sac.”  There was usually an uproar of indignation if I “brought in a hunk of wood from the garden, again.”  Well, if only they could see my latest treasure, for which I paid dearly with a giant blister. Turns out I should wear gloves when using a pruning saw to cut through a stump (which was in a pile of debris left over from clearing, by the way.) I don’t know what I’ll do with it yet, but when my brother heard the story of how I got the bandaged hand, he said, “Jump on the ATV and I’ll show you this old cedar out back that is pretty cool” and now I have another twisted treasure waiting for its forever home…somewhere.
This photo is a shot of one of my staging areas, with the latest prize in the middle.

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