Happy Hobiyee

Four years ago, these ladies, Maya Joe, Mamaya7 Lois Joseph, Mary Elaine Kakusa James & Maxine Joseph Bruce were caught, in their regalia, at Hoyibee.


On Saturday, Lil’wat’s beautiful dancers welcomed the lunar new year, at Hoyibee.


Hobiyee {Ho-be-yeh} is a celebration of the waxing crescent moon.

The Nisga’a People of North Western British Columbia, watch for the positioning of the moon and the stars as a prediction of the coming harvest. Hobiyee is celebrated wherever Nisga’a people live. Like many other communities, they celebrate the New Year with family, friends and community.

The Nisga’a of Ts’amiks (Vancouver), hosts this celebration each year and invites dance groups from other Nations to celebrate with them, the strength, beauty and diversity of indigenous cultures. The 1400 Nisga’a of Ts’amiks invite the general public to Hobiyee to share the rich Nisga’a culture.

This is a free event, which is educational, cultural, artistic and family friendly.

Put it in your calendar for next year!