It’s the perfect time of year to start a memory jar

This was inspired by local mama and creative soul, Lindy Scott.

And by this blog post I read last week: “Why You Should Trade Your Bucket List for a F*ck It list.”

(I had to click.)

Actually, the tweet that got me was a bit more G-rated:

Nice read on how to make the best use of your time. Why You Should Ditch (or at least reevaluate) Your Bucket List:)

The author writes:

I realized that there were things lingering on my bucket list that no longer made sense for the current version of me. I was putting off these activities for a reason. Take notice of the things you keep de-prioritzing.  Maybe you really don’t need to have your photos organized. Maybe the boxes will do. You can use the time you would have spent organizing (or trying to talk yourself into organizing) creating new memories instead.


I finally let go of the 3 year standing to-do list item, to turn our photos into a nice Blurb book or Apple book like some of my always-perfectly-groomed and superhuman friends.

Because, reality-check : It’s never going to happen.


Instead, every now and then, I pick a handful of photos and print them out at the kiosk at the drugstore and chuck them in a shoebox that I have named “the time capsule” to make it seem fancier than it is. And I update some of the photo frames around the house. Also, whenever someone in my house says something awesomely funny or memorable (usually the young one), I scribble it down on a note card, with the date, and add it to the box.

It never occurred to me that I could use this to boost my pinterest credibility. It felt more like slacker-mama-survival-strategies.


Then I saw a lovely post from fellow toddler-mama, Lindy, who said her family has been keeping a memory jar for a few years, and they’d had fun pulling out the past year’s, and shared some faves on Facebook.



Coolest idea, ever. And a great New Year’s Eve 2016 family tradition, to get underway.

Today is a good day to begin it.

  1. Get jar. Or shoebox. Label it: 2016.

There! You’re on your way!


As everyone says, time goes by really fast. And you will forget the things you think, in the moment, that you could never forget.

I’d like to bottle up this boy of mine right now, and the sweet moments, and the sound of my husband’s laugh when he really gets going… But I’m not going to try and hold on to them by turning my iphone on and filming it non-stop. I’ll just grab a notecard every now and then and try a create a memory-trigger. And take a minute every now and then to read a few of them, and say, “hey, you guys, remember when…”


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