12 photos that will make you wish you lived in Pemberton, if you don’t already

This seems to be Gary Martin’s schtick – posting photos on his instagram account that make people salivate and wish they lived here.

I’ve read that the true power of creative work lies in what you leave out, in what you’re able to cull away, to pare back, in order to let what remains hold real sway. There’s a real discipline to that. And I think it applies in life. We can’t have everything. Or do everything. Or be everywhere. If we try to, we drive ourselves insane and only half-experience anything. When we learn to pare down, say no, and just revel in the things we choose to give space to, our lives, I think, end up being richer, for that focus and simplifying. At least, that’s what the minimalists say. Teasers.

Holy crap, it was so hard picking just 12! Both the town and my photography mean so much to me and it’s been so much fun looking back and seeing how much fun I’ve had over the past 12 months. If 2015 was this much fun than I can’t wait for 2016! ~ Gary Martin

Gary shoots incessantly, so it wasn’t easy for him to pick just 12. But it’s a powerful compilation for 1. his daily practice, and 2. his restraint. Kind of an interesting balance. Maybe it does take 365 days worth of material to tell a powerful 12 image story. And it’s just one. It leaves room for so many more.

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Last winter was so mild and we had so little snow that this broken ice pretty much sums it up.

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This landscape complete captures what Pemberton is about, mountains and farming, oh and I love that red barn.

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Both Nixon and I love the boardwalk and enjoy nothing more than walks around One Mile Lake.

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This mountain is my motivation, when my training gets tough I look up and get reminded just how damn lucky I am to live in its shadows.

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The Meadows has become a frequent training place for me and the more I ride it the more I love it and its views.

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When shooting in Pemby its hard not to hard Mount Currie in the background, no matter what the perspective.


No summer is complete without a good festival and Pemberton sure knows how to host in style.

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It was a crazy hot dry summer with raging forest fires all around us but thankfully they never got too close.

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So good to see the Barn Dance come back and what a perfect venue, nothing but good things to say about The Barn.


Not even our magnificent peaks could keep us from enjoying this natural phenomenon.

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Probably my favourite place in Pemby which I regularly stop off at on my way to work to just sit and enjoy.

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The forests surround us and give us such fun playgrounds to enjoy all year round.