Happy Lil’wat Addictions Awareness Week. March starts at 1:45 today!

The federal government might have stopped funding National Aboriginal Addictions Awareness Week in 2012, but Lil’wat community leaders are in their 10th year inviting the community to acknowledge Lil’wat Addictions Awareness Week, a week of activities focusing on health, sobriety and wellness.

A sobriety walk from the Xetlocaw school will take place today at 1:45pm. All are welcome, bring a sign and hand drum, as marchers bless the streets and community with good thoughts/prayers and songs. 12039560_10156140276105711_104226484401609211_n

A BURNING CEREMONY will take place at ULLUS, tomorrow, Thursday, from 3 – 5 pm.

The intention of this burning is to focus on resolving and letting go historical or ongoing grief one may be struggling with. Community members may bring their own tobacco or other small items they wish to burn. Cedar will be available as the offering and all participants can be brushed off and smudged if they choose.

The L.A.A.W. banquet follows the burning ceremony at 5 pm and this day of celebration winds up with a dance.


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