Learn about the possibility of a Community Forest for Pemberton at an Open house at the Museum, Wednesday September 16, 3pm – 8pm


You are Invited to the Pemberton Community Forest Information Open House.

The Open House will be held at the Pemberton Museum in conjunction with the historical logging display in the Soo Logging Building.

Please come, review the information presented and share your thoughts on a Community Forest for Pemberton.

Background info @ http://www.pemberton.ca/municipal-hall/village-projects/:

* An Open House / Information Session on the feasibility of a Community Forest is scheduled for September 16th, 2015, from 3 pm to 8 pm. Please note the location has been changed (from the Pemberton Community Centre) to the Pemberton Museum. For more information, please contact Deb Esseltine at smartwd @ telus.net

A Community Forest can be described as any forestry operation managed by a local government, community group, First Nation or community-held corporation for the benefit of the entire community. Community forestry involves the three pillars of sustainable development: social, ecological, and economic sustainability. At its core, community forestry is about local control over and enjoyment of the benefits offered by local forest resources.

Community Forest Background Information: In  2001,  Village Council  took  into  consideration the  changes  that  were taking place in the Forest Industry at the time and determined it would be prudent to investigate the possibility of establishing a Community Forest in the Pemberton area. Although application was not made at that time there continued to be interest.

Community Forest Feasibility Study:
The Village of Pemberton wishes to explore the feasibility of entering into a Community Forest Agreement with the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resources Operations. Over the past number of years there have been numerous discussions with Provincial representatives and some preliminary research has been completed. The potential benefits of a entering into a Community Forest Agreement include establishing forest stewardship over the lands surrounding the Village; facilitating potential recreation opportunities and protecting those that are already in place; and social and economic benefits to the community through potential job creation and retention.

The Community Forest Feasibility Study is intended to provide detailed information, recommended implementation options and associated costs that will help to achieve the objective of applying for and receiving a land based tenure in the Pemberton area of the Soo Timber Supply Area.

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