Commitment can be lonely. Do it anyway.

Great article shared by the SLRD Zero Waste team last week:

from Treehugger (click the link for the full story)


The hardest thing about a Zero Waste lifestyle is not “getting started.” 

It’s having to live in a world where few other people care about Zero Waste.

Reality dictates that those of us concerned with the amount of trash we generate are still forced to operate within a world where wasteful packaging and excess amounts of trash are commonplace, and shockingly few people even bother thinking about how many bags they carry out to the curb.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. At a time when the average American produces a stunning three pounds of trash daily, it’s more important than ever to reduce your personal waste output – but don’t expect it to be easy.

Just be prepared.

  1. Be prepared for people to think you’re weird.
  2. Be prepared for people to challenge what you’re doing.
  3. Be prepared to do more cooking.
  4. Be prepared to go the long way around.
  5. Be prepared to experiment.
  6. Be prepared to feel awesome