Do you need a reuseable bag Reward Jar?

You know the Swear Jar, wherein you deposit a fine every time you curse?

Maybe we need the opposite… a 3Rs (Reduce/Reuse/Recycle) Reward Jar…

SLRD Zero Waste shared an interesting article on Friday.

Do you treat yourself when you’re environmentally conscious and bring your reusable bag? At an average of 26 cents per trip for an “indulgence”, we seem to treat ourselves to a little extra when we remember our reusable bag.


The big takeaway from recent research: Bringing a bag to the supermarket increases purchases of both organic and indulgent (re: junk) foods.

One possible explanation for the trend is that bringing a bag “primes” shoppers to buy organic foods because the bag makes them feel virtuous. Then they reward themselves with something indulgent, called “licensing.” But unlike the organic purchases, which are made as a swap for the conventional version, the indulgences are made as additional purchases.
So, instead, try this! Every time you remember to take your reusable bags to the grocery store (instead of leaving them in the drawer in the kitchen, and then needing 12 plastic bags, again), drop a quarter into a jar.

Then, you can tally up the total and go splurge at the ReUse it Centre.

Better yet, task your kids with policing it, and let them have the extra coinage. Guaranteed you’ll break the plastic bag habit within weeks.

I’m going to try it. And when you see me grabbing my latte at Mt Currie Coffee Co as a treat, you’ll know why.