All eyes on the sky. A photo moment for July 12 with Polek Rybcyznski


Polek Rybcyznski captured this earlier in the week in one of the few openings in the smoke cover, and even though the inversion has lifted this weekend, I think it’s still important to remember what it was like to spend a week under Wildlife Smoke Advisory. Not because I have any desire to wallow in apocalyptic or dystopic headspaces… but, as Polek and I shared via email as we chatted about air, kids, and photo submissions:

“We are thankful every day for the clean air and water that we have here, but sometimes, you don’t really know what you have until it’s gone.”

So for that little reminder to wake up in the morning and offer a nod of appreciation, in some form or fashion, for the first conscious breath we take, I am grateful.

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