The Best of Pemberton – today is your last chance to vote

It’s always fun to read the annual Best of Pemberton round-up in the Pique – even though, the categories don’t change much over the years, the winners don’t change much, and some of the questions are really hard to answer. (Most dubious Council decision?  Biggest news story of 2014? What happened in 2014 again?)

But here’s a random thought that I’d like to share with you.

Perhaps you could consider voting for the Winds of Change as the Best Use of Money.


For the past 5 years, the group has taken $12,500 a year (jointly contributed by the Village of Pemberton, the SLRD and the Lil’wat Nation) and leveraged that and in-kind support to secure grants and donations, to be a voice for reconciliation, harm reduction and healthy communities.

In addition to this blog and the Facebook and twitter arms of it, we do our best to amplify the good work that other local groups are doing by sharing and spreading it around, and inspire initiatives like the 50 Day Wellness Challenge, and also support high school bursaries, the annual Wellness Gathering, the Recognition Awards, a Speaker Series (featuring Art Hister and Zoya Jiwa this year), film screenings, a Theatre for Living youth workshop, letters of support to a host of community groups, development of a Community Alcohol Policy, advocacy for increased service levels, and that’s just what I can think of off the top of my head.


Could more be done? Yes.

Have we solved drug and alcohol misuse in our communities? No.

Is the current set-up the most effective? Are there other ways of doing things? Very likely.

But, is it worth it? Is it worth saying: we, as communities, think it’s important to have difficult conversations and try and work together?


As the Pique helpfully reported last week, the second 5 year mandate has ended, and an independent report is being presented to all the local government bodies, with 3 options on the table for consideration: continue the WOC, reinvent it or disband it. So the timing, as our local leaders consider what to do with our community resources, is kind of nice…

It would be amazing if you felt moved to tell everyone that this is something worth investing in:  “building community strength, resilience and well-being and community connections.” Because ultimately, that’s what we’re all about.

You can take the survey, here. (Or drop the Mayor, Chief or director a note. That would be amazing.)


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