Winter on the outside: 3 easy outings for kids in Pemberton

When I wrote this post, I was sitting reading about yet another rainfall warning in effect for Pemberton. I think we can all agree on the fact that so far, this winter has been a bust. Feels like it’s over already, but who knows what tricks Ma Nature has up her sleeves.

I looked up a synonym to cabin fever. “Temporary insanity” popped up as an option. As the mother of 3 young (read: hyperactive) children, it certainly felt fitting. At the best of times, winter isn’t the easiest to manage with kids. The layers. Oh, the layers…

On days when we can hear the rain pounding down on the roof, I know the question is coming before it gets asked: “Mum, what are we gonna do today?!” Even though I try to come up with creative ways to get through the day, there’s one part of our day that is non-negotiable: We get outside. No matter what.

Here are some of our favourite spots in town to burn off some of cabin fever and soak up some vitamin D…

One Mile Lake boardwalk

While I wouldn’t recommend pushing a stroller around here in the winter, it’s a great spot for families with kids old enough to make it around. Make it fun! Those little fitness challenge signs that the town has put up can really make it an adventure. Challenge your kids to 5 situps, sprint to the next tree, etc. If your kids are anything like mine, everything is always a contest.

Hit the trails

There are lots of singletrack trails that are easily accessible right now and remain so with some extra snow (kids snowhoes make for a REAL adventure). The kids love to go up when they know that there is the promise of a fun descent. I always make sure to carry a water bottle and some snacks and agree to whatever breaks they claim to need. I really am a defacto sherpa who ends up carrying the kitchen sink, but no matter. It’s worth it to see them getting out there. I also remind myself to “loosen the reins” when the boys take off sprinting downhill. Sometimes that little bit of freedom is all they need to make the day a perfect adventure.

Village walks

If some of these suggestions seem daunting, sometimes all it takes to shake out the sillies is a simple walk around the block, through the village or to one of the local parks and playgrounds. When the snowbanks pile up, the kids like nothing more than to find a big one to turn into a fort. That’s hours of entertainment, right there, courtesy of your friendly snow plow driver.

I know that some days, the very thought of setting foot outside can seem overwhelming. But in our family, it really has proven to be the sanity saver. That said, there are those days around here when we end up letting the day get away from us and suddenly it’s 4:30PM, the sun is setting and my circus has lost the plot.  In times like that, I try to remember that sometimes, something’s gotta give. For example, building forts out of living room cushions is my kids’ favourite activity, to my (and my dog’s) dismay. This was my living room Saturday:


I turned my back, poured a glass a wine and vowed that tomorrow would be spent outside.