BirdWatch and the Christmas Bird Count, Dec 15

Buck 115
The latest from our birding correspondent, John Tschopp:
With the weather turning into winter, some of our Arctic guests have arrived or are passing through. Along the valley road near Erickson Rd, a Rough-legged Hawk has been seen the last few days.
Buck 120I went up with my camera. To get there, the road took me along Ryan River, where a nice Bald Eagle was sunbathing. The Hawk was there near Erickson Rd sunbathing too. It is well equipped for cold weather. The feathers grow down its legs right to its toes. When the snow gets too deep for catching mice, this bird will probably move to Boundary Bay.
The Christmas Bird Count will take place December. All are welcome. Bring binoculars and meet at the Mt. Currie Coffee Co. across from Petrocan at 7.30 am.
Buck 145

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