Last Chance! Nominate a Wellness Champion Today

A funny thing happens when you do a google image search on “wellness champion” – you get some sporty looking people lining up to race, a cartoon business man with a superhero cape, more business men running track, and some really bad clip art.

What does this tell me?

We really really really need your input on what a Wellness Champion looks like!

Put an actual face and name to it.


It’s the single best way for us to move beyond stereotypes, cliches, bad stock photography, and the things that perpetuate misunderstanding and intolerance.

Oh yeah. It’s also a really great way to celebrate and acknowledge folk who are doing good work – in their own lives, in our communities.

There was a New York Times magazine article a few years ago called Are Your Friends Making You Fat? It spoke to the idea of  lifestyle “contagion” – the idea that happiness, wealth, smoking, fitness, or other behaviours, can spread as virally as a disease…  So, I extrapolate (not very scientifically, I admit), that these Wellness Champions are the “rising tide that lift all ships” – their energy and commitment actually is good for us all. (Even when we’re relapsing, rehabbing, or just sitting on the couch.)

Take the time, today, to nominate a wellness champion for the 5th Winds of Change Recognition Awards. Nominations are due by 5pm Friday to to the Village of Pemberton office, Ull’us Community Centre reception or emailed to

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