Event: Free Internet Safety talk for parents with Jesse Miller, Wed Oct 15, 6:30pm

Open to all parents in Pemberton and Mt Currie, internet safety advisor Jesse Miller is giving a free presentation for parents, on the heels of two talks for students at Signal Hill and Pemberton Secondary.
A popular internet and social media youth and child safety expert, Jesse is in demand across Canada for his presentations which educate children, youth and parents understand and mitigate the potential risks of using the internet and social media.
 Presentations designed for schools by Jesse Miller over the past 7 years have shaped how students use and communicate over social media websites and applications with the sole purpose of producing smart, aware and ethical social media participants who communicate an effective and positive message and build an online reputation that will help students into the next stages of life. Jesse, an authority on the topic of internet safety, will help parents and students navigate conversations around social media awareness and how to communicate online concerns.
Do your children use Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Have they experienced conflict or issues related to comments and contacts made?
The presentations Jesse delivers to students may shock them in their perceived awareness of how they are information sharing online but students will leave the assembly more aware and informed of how to protect themselves online. 
Jesse Miller is an international public speaker who has addressed thousands of participants presenting and consulting to schools and companies since 2007. Jesse is in high demand as a keynote speaker on the topics of social media awareness, social networking behaviour and online content evaluation. During the 2013/2014 school  year, his awareness programs for schools across Canada reached over 275,000 students. Using behaviour changing presentation techniques, Jesse has an un-matched ability to motivate his audience to evaluate their online profiles and how to assess privacy and connectivity issues. Jesse has been featured in numerous radio and television broadcasts, publications and articles as an authority on the topics of Internet safety, social media, and mobile application based technology.