How to Cure Garlic

Please, may I plant this seed for you now… it will have a few months to compost in your brain, and hopefully take root by the fall, when action is required. Grow garlic. garlic hacks If you grow nothing else for yourself, grow garlic. Because: 1. It’s easy. (If I actually had to feed myself, I would be dead. That is how tragic I am as a gardener. And even I have had success.) 2. It’s food and seed. There’s a beautiful cycle of life and self-sufficiency to growing your own garlic. You start with a couple of bulbs. Break them up gently. Plant each clove. Harvest bounty. Select the best of your new crop to plant again. Abundance. 3. Imported Chinese garlic is heavily sprayed and best avoided. 4. It’s medicinal. (Check out this hymn to garlic from our herbal expert, Evelyn Coggins.)

“Garlic is known to be antibacterial, and was even studied by Louis Pasteur in 1858. In an experiment he placed cloves of garlic in a petri dish of bacteria and later noted that the bacteria were killed in the areas surrounding the garlic. Garlic is a broad-spectrum antibiotic alternative for many bacterial infections and will not lead to “super bugs” like MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) that are now rampant, especially in hospitals. Before antibiotics were readily available, wound care for victims during both World Wars included the use of garlic application. Garlic is still effective for the treatment of lacerations and cuts, and infected wounds.” Joseph and Amy Alton

5. It grows really well where we are. (See #1.) Okay, I don’t want to be pushy. So I’ll just leave that alone until September. But here’s my crop for this year, a little undersized because it didn’t get enough water. But still, enough to get us through for another year of eating, and to plant out the garlic bed for next year. Yay! It’s now hanging, to cure, in a cool(ish) dry place. This year’s discovery? You can hang bunches with zap ties. So easy!, here I come. garlic zap strap

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