Trail Watch: New Intermediate Trail Link-Up

As most bike-riding Pembertonians know, the Signal Hill area  is home to some great classic rides like Lumpy’s Epic, Tower of Power and K2. What you may not know is that there has been a lot of work happening in that area recently, and the result is a growing selection of trails and loops to satisfy a wide range of riders. And the best part is that it is all close to town, somewhat shady, and has a lake at the end.

One of my favourite intermediate loops is a mouthful to describe but will have you grinning from ear to ear when you ride it.

The Overhill/Lumpy’s/News Flash climb to Pioneer/Fizzy Pop/Dog Beach descent is a great sample of new school riding with a smooth, well graded tread that winds its way through the beautiful forests on the south side of Signal Hill. The climb takes on some very steep terrain and still rides smoothly, with only the occasional short push (or very demanding section if you’re that kind of rider).

The descent starts with Pioneer, which is a very smooth and flowy trail with grading that is mellow enough that you can let go of the brakes at times, and with lots of whoops and rolls to let you get some air, if you’re so inclined. Along with the fun flow there are a couple of steep switchbacks and rocky descents to keep you focused, and the overall feel of the trail is ‘good times’.

Fizzy Pop is more of the same, with a slightly narrower tread, just a little steeper grade and some very small jumps. Lastly Dog Beach has seen a ton of work in the last couple of seasons (kudos to the folks who are doing it) and the tread is getting smoother and smoother, there are endless hits on the sides, small jumps, and a ton of fun rolls and corners.

LA Patterson on Pioneer

To get there:
Starting from One Mile Lake take the Sea to Sky trail south towards Nairn Falls and follow Overhill (and the Lumpy’s signs) up and left. After the first bit of Overhill make a hard right to stay on Lumpy’s and after a short climb watch for a new trail on the left. This new singletrack cuts off the worst part of the steep rocky road section on Overhill and delivers you to the Overhill/K2 connector (take a right at the intersection). If you go another 20 yards you come out at the top of Pickle Surprise. Take the Connector until News Flash goes off to the right. Climb this to a T-intersection, and take the right, through the cut out log. Stay on this for some steep ups and brief descents until you reach Pioneer. Drop your seat here and prepare for a good time. At the power line go right and ride past the start of News Flash to link up with Fizzy Pop, which flows into Dog Beach, which takes you back to One Mile Lake just at, you guessed it, the dog beach at One Mile Lake.

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