Photo of the Week: At the Farmers Market by Dave Steers

It’s kind of mean of him, really. For his Photo of the Week submission this week, Pemberton’s favourite photographer, Dave Steers, sent me two photos. “You choose,” he said. (He probably didn’t realise I have choice-paralysis. I originally became a vegetarian for ethical/political/mindfulness reasons, but I was relieved by the fact that 95% of the items on most menus were suddenly off-limits for me. It made choosing what to order so much easier.)

Dave captured this at the first Farmers Market of the year, last week.

The growers and makers are back at the Barn today, from 4pm to 7pm.

Even though Farmers Markets have been enjoying a revival, buying fresh produce direct from the grower in an open air market is kind of throwback to earlier times, to the pre-globalisation era. Come to think of it, so is a barn raised by volunteers. As is the truck.

There’s something about those old-time values of hand made things and eating in season, mixing it up with the modern, the hip, and the kids, that is really energising. And this photo nails it. Thanks Dave.


Waiting by Dave Steers

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