Work In Progress: Amy Hazeldine

All it took was a weekend away to remind me how inspiring I find this region. And when Mt Currie and the cherry trees in bloom and the random snake sightings and the swelling seasonal creeks don’t do it, all I have to do is ask a fellow-creative… and BOOM. Inspiration-injection.


The latest artist to share her process in our Work-in-Progress column is potter Amy Hazeldine of Sünna Studio.

Amy Hazeldine feature plate

What was the inspiration for this piece?  

This dinner plate is part of a larger 40 piece custom dish set. The customer was looking for a white dish set with a splash of violet on the rim. I wanted the violet to have a very organic feel with variations of colour throughout. Though it wasn’t my intention at the outset, the resulting design has an oceanic feel with layers of cascading waves.

How can people experience your work?

I’ll be launching a new line of work as the featured artist at Bird on a Wire this coming July and August (Main and Broadway, Vancouver). My new work will feature the same crisp whites and organic ribbons of colour. I’ll also be focussing on larger pieces like serving bowls and platters. You might even find some pieces with line drawn sketches on white with splashes of colour – I’ve got quite a bit of fun new stuff brewing.  I’ll also be putting some similar pieces in One Earth Collection in Pemberton around the same time.

How do you hold space for, or make time for, your creative self? What’s your practice or creative routine?

To be honest, the concept of “holding space” for my creative self has gone out the window with two young kids and a million other life projects on the go. I work with what little time I get these days. Today, I made 7 bowls while my 5 year old “babysat” my two year old just outside my studio. In the end, her diaper was on backwards and she was fed 4 bowls of applesauce, and I was 7 bowls closer to filling my kiln. My routine goes something like this: “You have 20 minutes. Go go go go go go annnnnd stop”.


How big an influence is this region, our backyard, the landscape and energy here, on your work?  

With Mount Currie dominating the window from my wheel it would be difficult NOT to be influenced by the landscape of the area.  But the largest influence I feel comes from the people living here – not so much on the style of my work, but on the actual choice to pursue a career as an artist – there are so many creative, grounded, motivated, awe-inspiring people in the Sea to Sky Corridor.

What do you do to recharge your creative energy if you’re feeling writers/artists block?  

These days I rarely have the extra time to explore new ideas that are in my head, so it’s always custom requests that push me to come up with new forms and different glazes and styles – I am so thankful for those opportunities.

Where can people follow you, or discover more of your works?

My website is currently undergoing a complete revamp. Keep tuned to – it will be up and running in the next month or so.  But don’t quote me on that – my “routine” for working on the website is identical to my “routine” in the studio.

PS Check out the Summer 2014 Recreation Guide at the Pemberton Community Centre for a couple of programs Amy will be teaching for youth. (Registration for these opens Wednesday May 28 at 9am.)

Amy Hazeldine Summer 2014 Programs in Pemberton


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