Recreation: Intro to Aikido, March 1

Poole Creek Co-op is hosting two introductory workshops on Aikido, starting Saturday March 1, 1pm-3pm, at Ull’us Community Centre, Mount Currie.
Learn to redirect the force of an attacker with little effort through Aikido in two introductory workshops with instructor Mariko Kage, on Saturday March 1 and Saturday March 15.
Aikido class + Flow Movement class + tea = $15 each Saturday/ $10 Poole Creek Co-op members.

1 – 2 pm Aikido class: Explore and develop your “Ki” (vital life energy) with breath-integrated stretches and conditioning, exploring the principles that unify mind and body, and practicing safe, non-violent self defense arts.

2:15 – 3 pm Flow Movement class: Using the same life energy (Ki) from Aikido, follow guided creative movement, visualizations and improvisation.

Must be 19+. Beginners are welcome!

About the instructor: Mariko Kage blends 20 years of teaching experience to share a unique two-part series inviting you to harmonize, access and flow with your source (Ki) as a way to connect with your core self. She is a founder and Chief Instructor of Lillooet Seidokan Aikido, solo dance artist raised in Japan, and co-founder of Vancouver’s Compaigni V’ni Dansi and Ancient Echoes dance collective in Lillooet, BC.


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