Hug a Timber Framer this Spring


This spring, work will begin to prepare the Frontier Street site for the arrival of 45 master and intern Timber Framers from across North America to raise Pemberton’s Community Barn.

The Timber Framers Guild will lead a ten day barn raising that also serves as a workshop in timber frame construction. Participants will travel from around the continent to take part in the workshop and at night, be housed in local homestays and an event campsite with food and music provided by the community.

OldStone 15 first and heaviest bent-2

To support a barn-raising, the Village of Pemberton has a few tips.

  • Host a Timber Framer. (The Village of Pemberton would like to hear from you particularly if you live within walking distance to Frontier Street.)
  • Hug a Timber Framer. (Or make them welcome, in your own way.)
  • Offer your organizational brilliance to help us put together meals and hospitality.
  • Make a donation. Contributions of cash or in-kind are welcome. Labour, supplies, and materials are all being sought.
  • Send your thanks to the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation. (They’re on Facebook. Go Like them! Post a love note on their wall.)
  • Start dreaming of the cool event you’re going to host or attend at Pemberton’s Community Barn.

For more information, download the Village of Pemberton’s Community update.

Updated information about the project, work schedule, impacts and community celebrations will be posted on the Village website. Contributions and questions can be directed to Project Coordinator, Suzanne Belanger, on 604 894 6135.

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