Event: Loonie Auction, Swap Meet and Artist Sales Fundraiser, Dec 1


Come to the Lil’wat Loonie Auction, Swap Meet and Artist Sales fundraiser.

Sunday, December 1, 2013 at the Úll̓us  (Mount Currie Gymnasium)

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

  • Concession, featuring a breakfast sandwich, baked goods and coffee.
  • Swap Meet.
  • Loonie Auction.
  • Baked Goods.
  • Raffles.
  • Traditional Craft Tables
  • Door Prizes!
  • Christmas Food Hamper Raffle

*Proceeds for Hobiyee Celebration in Vancouver. Donations are welcome for the Loonie Auction, Concession and Food Hamper.

To book a table: Contact Lois Joseph or Mary James at the Lil̓wat7úl Culture  Center at 604.894.6115

Hobiyee 2014 is the celebration of the Nisga’a New Year, full of song and traditional dance.

Over time the spiritual leaders observed that whenever the first crescent moon is in the shape of a “Hoobix”-the bowl of a Nisga’a wooden spoon, thin shaped and the ends pointing upward-that in following seasons the resources of the lands would be plentiful, the oolichan, salmon, berries and various other resources, bountiful. Hobiyee is about the point in time when the Cedar Bent Boxes of the Nisga’a are near empty of their winter provisions and they have begun to ration the last of their provisions. The Nisga’a are praying for a bountiful season of oolichans and a fruitful year.

Lil’wat Elders, Drummers, Singers and Dancers have again been invited to participate in the Nisga’a Ts’amiks Edition of the Hobiyee Celebration.

The December 1 Fundraiser will help defray the costs of attendance.


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